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Tax Sales 

Constable Sale List: April 2014 Sales  

Judgment Sales: April 2014 Judgement Sales

Tax Resales: April 2014 Resales

Tax Sales: April 2014 Tax Sales

Constable Sale Results: April 2014 Sales Results

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: When are the auctions held?

Answer: Sales are held the first Tuesday of every month.

Question: Where are the auctions held?

Answer: The Family Law Center, 1115 Congress in the lobby or on the patio.

Question: What time do the auctions begin?

Answer: They begin at 10am.

Question: What types of properties are being sold?

Answer: Real property with delinquent taxes or under judgment.

Question: Do you handle mortgage foreclosure sales?

Answer: No the constable’s office does not handle mortgage foreclosure sales. These are held by the bank or trustee. You must contact them for more information.

Question: Can anyone bid on these properties?

Answer: Anyone is welcome to bid on these properties.

Question: Do the properties have houses/structures on them?

Answer: Some properties have structures, some are vacant land. You will have to do your research to gather this information.

Question: Can you bring a preapproval letter to bid?

Answer: You must have cash or a cashier’s check to bid on these properties.

Question: What methods of payment can be used?

Answer: We accept cash or cashier’s check. No money orders, personal checks or company checks will be accepted.

Question: Who does the cashier’s check have to be made out to?

Answer: The cashier’s check should be made payable to yourself. If you are the successful bidder, you will then sign it over to the constable’s office.

Question: If I pay over the bid amount, will I get change?

Answer: You will receive a refund in 6-8 weeks.

Question: Can I pay with cash and cashier’s checks?

Answer: Yes, you can pay with multiple cashier’s checks and/or a combination of cashier’s checks and cash.

Question: Do you have time to go get the money?

Answer: No, you must have all of the money at the time you are awarded the highest bidder.

Question: Do I have to register to bid?

Answer: You must register with the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector’s office to get a bidder number to bid with.

Question: What time can I register?

Answer: You can register online prior to the sale or the morning of the sale starting at 8:30am. You can contact the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector’s office at 713.368.2000 for more information.

Question: Can someone bid on behalf of me?

Answer: As long as the bidder number is registered under your name or company name, anyone can represent you.

Question: Will I receive a receipt for payment?

Answer: Once you pay the correct monies for the bid, you will receive a receipt for the amount you paid.

Question: I have purchased the property what is my next step?

Answer: After your purchase it is strongly recommended you go to the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector’s office at 1001 Preston or any Harris County Tax Office to file a “Request for Written Statement of Taxes”. The fee for the statement is $10.00. 

Question: What is a “Request for Written Statement of Taxes”?

Answer: A statement instructing the tax assessor collector to do research to make sure you are not delinquent on taxes on any other property you may own.

Question: How long does it take to get the deed? 

Answer: The average time frame is typically 10-12 weeks.

Question: Do I have to record the deed in my name?

Answer: If you purchased the property for delinquent taxes, the deed will come from the attorney’s office recorded in your name. If you purchased the property under judgment, you will be responsible for recording the deed.

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